• Judy

Kindness from Caterham

A very big thank you from us to the shoppers of Waitrose & Partners in Caterham. Your green tokens have bagged us a very handy £275 cheque from the store. Every penny of that we pledge to spend helping local people in need.

Last week we helped a parent in Caterham with significant health troubles who has been finding the lockdown period with a restless 6 yr old a major physical and mental strain. We have helped by providing IT equipment so that the child can reconnect with online learning with their peers. We heard today that they declared the arrival of the equipment to be "the best day of my life"!

We won't stop there though. A new request in from another parent in Caterham this week along with a referral from Edenbridge. We will continue to work and help local people through this Coronavirus crisis in any way we can.

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