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What we do

Image by Kelly Sikkema
We can help people in need

We're only a small charity, but we make a big difference in our local area, often at very short notice.

Perhaps there's no money for school shoes or no food in the house, perhaps getting older or becoming disabled means that changes are needed to someone's home.


When people are in real need of a helping hand and there are no other options to call on, we can step in.

A much-valued source of help

St Silvan's Area Charity purchases everyday items that can sometimes be difficult for people to fund themselves when times are tough - items like urgent food parcels, essential household items, school shoes or disability aids.

We rely very much on the referrals of schools, wellbeing advisors, health visitors or local church groups to identify those in need - as well as applications from individuals.

Whilst we live in a very prosperous part of the country, there are still many people who need our help, and our grants fill a valuable gap - typically we pay for things where agencies like Social Services can't help.

It could be that a family is leaving emergency accommodation but has little furniture or essential white goods? Or perhaps someone elderly needs a modification to their home that no one else can pay for?


We've bought school shoes and uniform, emergency food parcels and paid for respite care for families where special needs can impact their lives.

We never give cash, and always buy the item directly on behalf of the client. We ask for a thank you note (this can be anonymous) so our supporters can see what we do.

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