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Help us fund Bunnies for Easter!

This Easter we thought we'd do something a bit special. We've teamed up with two fantastic local hostelries - The Haycutter and The Diamond, to organise children's egg hunts and other fun in aid of a great project cause.

St Stephens School in South Godstone is within our beneficiary area. The school has a unit for visually impaired children and has a number of young people with additional needs. The school would like to purchase two giant Flemish rabbits. They're so soft and docile that they'll be perfect as entertainment, therapy and reward for the pupils at the school.

But - we need to buy them, house them, insure them and equip them with everything from a wheelbarrow to food bowls. And being giant rabbits, they need GIANT accommodation! These definitely aren't ordinary bunnies. Can you help?

Come along to The Haycutter in Broadham Green on Easter Sunday. Egg hunting is at 11.30am and 2.30pm. Then from 4pm The Diamond in Hurst Green has a raffle, egg hunt for children and special 'unlock the box' challenge in aid of this cause.

See you there for some cracking good fun!

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