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Our charity was created by the locals of a pub. So it's probably not a surprise that our fundraising is usually centred around fun stuff we organise at various pubs, and around our interests.

Did you ever go to Oakstock? Our charity organised Oakstock every year between 2004 and 2015 as a fun day that celebrates the best in live music, with local bands all giving their time and playing for free.

We're in a rural setting and lots of us enjoy the sport of shooting, so we created our own clay pigeon shoot for charity each year.

The shoot usually happens in the Autumn, and it's always created for us by the FANTASTIC people at Keston Gun Club. It's a 50-bird sporting shoot, with a separate pool shoot for the ultra-competitive entrants.

Our philosophy is to be open and welcoming to all, so we make sure that tuition is a big part of our clay shoot, offering tutored rounds as well as lessons for absolute beginners.

As well as music and shooting, we all share a love of good food. That's why at most of our events you'll find a delicious barbecue to satisfy the hunger.

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